Open Education Week: 5 Successful Projects That Are Expanding Student Access

This week, educators, learners, and advocates are gathering to celebrate National Open Education Week (March 27-31). The OER (open educational resources) movement has been expanding over the past decade, driven by the critical goal of increasing equity and access to learning. And the data continues to show that OER is gaining real traction, empowering teachers…
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SXSWedu Conference Highlights: Virtual Reality, Equity, and Next-Gen Educators

Today, we continue ahead on the theme of innovation in K-12 education. Earlier this month, the 2017 SXSWedu Conference and Festival in Austin brought about a number of discussions on how to foster innovation in learning, bringing together experts from both K-12 and higher ed communities on pertinent topics: expanding leadership in public schools, improving…
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Lessons on Innovation from the 2017 Leaders to Learn From

College Readiness: What’s Missing from Exams, the Common Core, and Other Teaching Practices

Are public school seniors ready for college? According to the past decade of research, most of them aren’t there yet. In 2014, the college admissions test was overhauled by the College Board, in an effort to respond to the harsh criticisms of the SAT. Only, the average scores of the Class of 2015 showed a…
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7 Common Barriers That Obstruct Tech Adoption in Education

The K-12 Mobile Classroom: 4 Tough Tech Choices

Are the days of banning phones in the classroom a thing of the past? There’s a growing movement toward innovative learning models in K-12, where educators are starting to embrace smartphones and mobile devices, seeing them more than just a distraction in the learning environment. In recent years, researchers found that most American students between the…
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This Week: Top Headlines in Education

It’s a critical time particularly for states, as leaders are scrambling to finalize the ESSA accountability plans for their state. This year, there’s a particularly large number of new policymakers coming on board, which has many advocates and district leaders on edge. In prior years state policymakers had some room to get up to speed,…
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Superintendents and Their Double Bottom Line

Superintendents have a tough road. They’re leaving the field in “unprecedented numbers,” cracking under the political and fiscal pressures placed on them. In Pennsylvania, superintendents spend an average three years on the job before leaving, according to a 2014 survey. The role has changed a lot in recent years, and the expectations are even higher now…
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