7 Common Barriers That Obstruct Tech Adoption in Education

The K-12 Mobile Classroom: 4 Tough Tech Choices

Are the days of banning phones in the classroom a thing of the past? There’s a growing movement toward innovative learning models in K-12, where educators are starting to embrace smartphones and mobile devices, seeing them more than just a distraction in the learning environment. In recent years, researchers found that most American students between the…
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This Week: Top Headlines in Education

Last week, the White House released a new report on artificial intelligence and how it will transform our economy over the coming years and decades. Watch the story on Forbes, highlighting the findings and what it could mean for education, and check out other top headlines for K-12 and higher ed.   Automation and How…
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Driving Down Costs, Driving Up Quality in Higher Ed

What are colleges doing to cut costs, amid budget constraints and public concerns over skyrocketing student debt in America? For years, colleges have looked to a number of options to contain the costs, rather than bumping up tuition prices. In many cases, departments have put a freeze on hiring, which in turn increases general faculty…
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