Digital Pioneers:
How a D-Rated District Led the Nation in OER Adoption

Personalized learning + OER tips that show how to:
  • check_box Increase Teacher Adoption
  • check_box Increase Parent Involvement
  • check_box Increase Student Success

Meet the Challenge of Career Readiness

Transform the learning experience by engaging your students, aligning content and resources to competencies and help students stay on track for graduation and entering the workforce.

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Campus Leaders

Boost retention, graduation rates and your bottom line by using Fishtree to redesign instructional approaches.

Increase Productivity and Instructor Satisfaction

Help instructors and designers save valuable time creating courseware and assessments by using Fishtree's intuitive authoring tools.

Maximize your instructional assets

Fishtree automates curation of OER and community-generated resources while instantly aligning content to objectives and outcomes.

Know - don't guess what's working

Powerful predictive analytics help track, measure and optimize student success and instructional decision-making.

Produce better outcomes

Tailor learning to every student using a platform that integrates with any LMS or SIS and reduces the cost of course redesign.

Instructors and Instructional Designers

Advance instruction with tools that easily align content and assessments to learning objectives and outcomes, and provide real-time feedback.

Spend More Time Teaching

Educators and instructional design teams save valuable time every day with Fishtree’s time-saving authoring tools, master course templates and automated alignment to competencies, which enable them to reduce time-consuming tasks and make courses more dynamic.

Optimize Student Retention

Do more to help college students reach their potential with Fishtree’s adaptive learning capabilities, allowing personalized learning to improve course engagement and success.

Know - don't guess what's working

Maximize your current content sources, leverage Fishtree’s master course templates (peer reviewed) or create new courses and save money by choosing from millions of high-quality open educational resources, which are automatically matched to critical learning standards and objectives.

Get Smarter Student Data

Never wonder again about what’s working (and what’s not). You’ll receive real-time analytics about achievement gaps and your student’s learning pathways, giving you meaningful data to advise and support your students.

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What people are saying:

Dr. Christopher Lilly
"The integration of Fishtree within Blackboard is absolutely crucial for us. Not only will it help us expand our program offerings but it will also help faculty dramatically reduce the time and tediousness often required to customize curriculum." Dr. Christopher Lilly, Chair of the Department of Technology at Concordia University Chicago