Digital Pioneers:
How a D-Rated District Led the Nation in OER Adoption

Personalized learning + OER tips that show how to:
  • check_box Increase Teacher Adoption
  • check_box Increase Parent Involvement
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Leave No Student Behind

Transform your classroom with the most intelligent and comprehensive platform that makes it easy to personalize learning for every student.

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Reduce Teacher Workloads

Create courses in hours, not days, using time-saving content creation tools. Fishtree minimizes manual tasks for teachers every day – planning courses, grading tests, finding teaching resources, tracking low-performers, and more.

Equip Students for Success

Put the student in charge of his or her learning by providing a personalized learning path for every student, designed to maximize engagement and performance.

Cut Classroom Costs

Maximize your current content sources or build new courses and save money by choosing from millions of high-quality open educational resources, which are automatically matched to critical learning standards and objectives.

Improve Student Outcomes

Receive robust analytics that can help you quickly identify achievement gaps, at-risk students, and ineffective teaching resources. Administrators real-time data to inform decision-making about performance across a district.

Teachers & Instructional Designers

K-12 Administrators

Through Fishtree's scale and automation, administrators can quickly make data-driven decisions to improve outcomes, performance and adjust instruction.

User-friendly Authoring - Lesson Editor

Get up and Running Fast

Teachers and instructional designers can save hours creating lessons, courses and assessments to quickly implement personalized and blended learning models.

Improve Productivity and Cut Costs

Improve Productivity and Cut Costs

Teachers and designers can instantly curate OER aligned to standards and outcomes - saving thousands on textbooks.

Gain Districtwide Visibility

Gain Districtwide Visibility

Measure standards mastery, evaluate instructional methods and guide real-time decision-making using intuitive dashboards.

Technology that Grows with your District

Technology that Grows with your District

Easily integrate Fishtree with your LMS or SIS to create dynamic learning resources aligned to student needs.

Key Features

Drag and drop authoring
Drag and Drop Editor
Resource Generator
Analytics and Insights
Student Collaboration
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What people are saying:

Dr. Philip Hickman
"Fishtree provides my teachers real insight into what curriculum is working and what isn't for our students. It's like our personal GPS system. It automatically adapts content to the needs of every student and helps them stay on the right path if they take a wrong turn in their learning." Dr. Philip Hickman, Superintendent at Columbus Municipal School District
Learn how CMSD increased graduation rates by 20% using Fishtree. Download the case study.
Dr. Philip Hickman
"By using Fishtree in my math class, I have found the ideal solution to achieve my goals of implementing blended learning and a personalized experience for every student. Students are now achieving and learning content at a higher level." Stacy Ryan, Math Teacher
Hear from Stacey about her success with Fishtree Watch the video.