Digital Pioneers:
How a D-Rated District Led the Nation in OER Adoption

Personalized learning + OER tips that show how to:
  • check_box Increase Teacher Adoption
  • check_box Increase Parent Involvement
  • check_box Increase Student Success

The Fishtree Solution

Redefining the Learning Experience

Fishtree is unlike any other personalized learning platform. It is designed to empower educators and instructors, helping them save time by minimizing repetitive and manual tasks, so they can focus on their learners.

Our digital solution is a one stop shop: flexible authoring tools to streamline course creation, automated alignment between content and key learning objectives or competencies, and real-time analytics on learner progress and outcomes.


Is your school or district in need of a new way to engage students throughout their learning journey? Discover how you can do more to help at-risk students, gain insights into your students’ unique learning needs, improve college readiness and help teachers in every classroom.

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For Teachers, Schools and Districts

For Faculty and Campus Leaders

Higher Ed

How can you innovate the campus classroom to improve freshman-to-sophomore retention and enable your students to complete their degree and succeed in the workforce? See how you can enrich your academic programs while saving money.

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Fishtree collaborates with organizations to improve the skills gap by offering a centralized platform to deliver enhanced learning solutions that are aligned to the needs of every employee. As the leading digital platform for personalized learning, Fishtree enables companies to automatically align learning to roles and competencies, customizing and delivering a relevant learning experience.

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For Corporate Educators

Seamless Integration with any LMS, SIS, Gradebook or HRIS systems

Fishtree’s platform can be integrated with many technology platforms in
order to keep learner data accurate, consistent, and easy to access.