SXSWedu Conference Highlights: Virtual Reality, Equity, and Next-Gen Educators

Today, we continue ahead on the theme of innovation in K-12 education. Earlier this month, the 2017 SXSWedu Conference and Festival in Austin brought about a number of discussions on how to foster innovation in learning, bringing together experts from both K-12 and higher ed communities on pertinent topics: expanding leadership in public schools, improving…
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5 Things You Can Do to Support English Language Learners

A limited proficiency in English still remains a major barrier to educational success for millions in public schools, and many schools are under-resourced and teachers are under-prepared to support English language learners (ELL). A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends that schools need to devote more resources to help…
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4 Important Things Educators Can Learn from Other Industries

Many of the struggles for school leaders are nothing new outside of the education world. They’re the most universal questions faced by other industries – banking, healthcare, retailers, law enforcement, and business – how can you meet the rapidly-changing demands of the people you serve? How do you create a balance of quality and efficiency?…
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