K-12’s 4 Biggest Challenges That Are Driving OER Adoption

Open educational resources (OER) is growing in use worldwide. In the U.S., the #GoOpen initiative started by the Education Dept. led to 19 states and 40 school districts making the transition – and now more than 35 states have created grants and policies to support OER adoption in the coming years. A 2016 survey revealed…
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College Readiness: What’s Missing from Exams, the Common Core, and Other Teaching Practices

Are public school seniors ready for college? According to the past decade of research, most of them aren’t there yet. In 2014, the college admissions test was overhauled by the College Board, in an effort to respond to the harsh criticisms of the SAT. Only, the average scores of the Class of 2015 showed a…
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Experts Weigh in on ESSA at Education Week Summit

As the ESSA transition takes shape this year, there is anxiety and uncertainty at both the state and district levels. ESSA implementation has already begun, as some states have submitted their plans early (or they’re close to finalizing) for the U.S. Education Dept. How can educators better prepare for the next step of ESSA, and…
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ESSA in 2017: A Challenging Road Ahead for States and School Districts

2016 was a busy year, as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) first got off the ground. Contrary to its predecessor, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) from the Bush era, ESSA was an unprecedented step forward in reforming public education, handing over control over education standards to the states. The new law focuses…
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National Scorecard Ranks 50 States on Education Performance

For more than a decade, American public education has been faced with this fundamental issue: providing the best quality education and proving their accountability in doing so. Last year, the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was a breakthrough in prescribing a well-rounded approach in education reform. With the rules put in place,…
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This Week: Top Headlines in Education

Last week, Education Week dropped their longest-running annual report, which grades states on the quality of their education, and revealed a C grade for the nation and called out five of the lowest-performing states which include Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Mississippi. We’ll take a closer look at some of the national and state findings in tomorrow’s…
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A Closer Look Inside the Growing College Readiness Problem

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