The Future of Assessments: 4 Valuable Lessons for Educators

The global education market, particularly in higher education, is experiencing a rising need for formative assessment technologies and services. In a research report by Technavio, there are three emerging trends in assessment through social media platforms, cloud-based assessment platforms, and analytical apps. For K-12 and higher ed, this means the world of testing and assessments…
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How to Move the Conversation from Grades to Learning

What Every BYOD Classroom Needs to Succeed

So you want to convert your classroom to a student-centered learning environment? By making this decision, you’ve recognized the need to deliver more diverse and inclusive instruction that better reflects the needs of 21st century learners. Beginning with the shift to mobile learning, we’re moving steadily into student-centered education where technology plays a key role,…
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How to Help Your Students to Fail

You either succeed, or you fail. Many take this viewpoint when it comes to effort, forming the conclusion that you can only do one or the other. What’s often omitted from the discussion on success is the promise that failure makes, the many lessons it teaches, and the motivation it produces. An essential component of…
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The Problem with Grades and Subjectivity in Education

Competency-Based Education: From Grades to Mastery

Competency-based education is nothing new. Dating back to the 1990’s, postsecondary institutions have been integrating CBE as a means of measuring learning as opposed to measuring time. A more robust, self-paced method of assessment, “CBE shifts the focus from grades to learning, emphasizing frequent, meaningful feedback that empowers students to take more responsibility for learning…
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