So you want to convert your classroom to a student-centered learning environment? By making this decision, you’ve recognized the need to deliver more diverse and inclusive instruction that better reflects the needs of 21st century learners. Beginning with the shift to mobile learning, we’re moving steadily into student-centered education where technology plays a key role, and where there’s more student voice and choice than ever before. But what’s slowing us down? It’s the “what next” that often urges you to lose sight of your initial motivation to change, which begins with choosing what technology to use. One recurring question when making the move to a mobile, flipped or blended learning environment is: “Do I really need a learning system?” The simple answer to this question is yes.

Do I Really Need a Learning System?

Even the most experienced BYOD educators such as the award-winning Vicki Davis, better known under the pseudonym of her infamous blog ‘The Cool Cat Teacher’, will emphasize the need for a learning system. In her post, “6 BYOD Discussions Every School Should Have”, Vicki describes the various systems available to help a BYOD teacher to succeed. Some are familiar with the typical learning management system, the student information system, the gradebook, the adaptive learning system… Each with its own unique qualities for facilitating and enhancing BYOD environments. So how do you decide which system is best for you?

  • Learning Management System: Ideal for keeping your BYOD classroom manageable, organized, and collaborative.
  • Student Information System: Great for keeping you informed about student progress, and making your classroom as efficient as possible.
  • Adaptive Learning System: Perfect for providing that personalized learning experience that every student deserves without costing you more time.

Making the right decision generally requires selecting one or two priorities and ditching the rest. But is there a way of combining all the great features these systems have to offer, giving your BYOD classroom every possible chance to succeed?

Making Your BYOD Classroom a Success

We often underestimate the speed at which technology is moving. Innovators are beginning to crop up that are taking what has been done to incredible new heights, combining and enhancing the most useful features to form the ultimate solutions. Fishtree is one such innovator. Incorporating every benefit that other popular systems have to offer, Fishtree combines them all to provide a one-stop-shop for educators converting to a student-centered learning environment, whether in K-12 or higher education. With built-in personalization, collaboration, and analytics, educators no longer have to choose between organized and personalized, collaborative and efficient, informed and enhanced. Providing a one-to-one learning experience for every student that’s cloud-based and accessible on any device at any time, any pace, it’s the all-in-one solution for every BYOD classroom. Why choose between the best solutions when you can have them all?

Like what you’ve ready? Make your transformation to a BYOD classroom a success with the 21st century learning platform, combining innovation for better solutions.

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Lorna Keane specializes in language teaching and has taught in second and third-level institutions in several countries. She holds a B.A in languages and cultural studies and an M.A in French literature, theory and visual culture. Follow her on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

Image credits: Brad Flickinger / CC BY 2.0