Why We Need a Student-Centered Education System

“Student-centered education” has been a trending topic for some time now. With an emphasis on promoting and enhancing student voice, choice and control, technology is helping to create student-centered learning environments focused on preparing students for modern day life and careers. Growing movements like BYOD, flipped and blended learning are highlighting the importance of student-centered…
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What Every BYOD Classroom Needs to Succeed

So you want to convert your classroom to a student-centered learning environment? By making this decision, you’ve recognized the need to deliver more diverse and inclusive instruction that better reflects the needs of 21st century learners. Beginning with the shift to mobile learning, we’re moving steadily into student-centered education where technology plays a key role,…
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You’re Missing the Point! How to Respond to Struggling Students

Why Don’t We Listen? Harming Education by Ignoring Student Voice

In a recent TED Talk entitled “I’m Seventeen”, Kate Simonds challenges adults to try something new: To listen to teens. Instantly quashing our assumptions that she has achieved something incredible, done something “worthy of our attention”, to claim the stage at the tender age of seventeen, Kate goes on to question, “What makes me worth…
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Why is the Student-Teacher Relationship So Important?

For a long time now, we’ve been looking at how to adjust education to better reflect the changing world around us. But as the technology piles up and the innovation spreads, are we losing sight of what makes a learning environment truly effective, and what really drives better teaching and learning? While technology allows for…
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How is Blended Learning Revolutionizing K-12 Education?

Pedagogy and Technology: How to Build a Personalized Learning Environment

Building a personalized learning environment depends on far more than simply finding the technology. First, it requires a change of mindset. From “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side”, from instructor-led to student-led, and from synchronous to self-paced, a personalized learning environment moves the focus from educator to learner, tailoring the learning experience…
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How Personalization is Transforming the Higher Education Landscape

How Personalization is Transforming the Higher Education Landscape Just as 21st century education is facing a complete reformation in the face of continuing technological advancements, higher education is undergoing its own transformation. With adaptive learning platforms moving with increasing speed into the instructional field, personalization is beginning to reveal its innovative abilities to drive dynamic…
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5 Habits of Highly Innovative Educators

#1. Connect Constantly Regardless of the many curveballs that may be thrown their way during a typical school day, innovative educators are always connected. With a base camp on Twitter, they move from hashtag to hashtag, sharing, connecting and learning, branching out regularly to other social media platforms to expand their reach. Embracing helpful feedback,…
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Pedagogy and Technology: Integrating the 5 C’s of 21st Century Education

Beginning with the 4 C’s, the key skills of 21st century education have been multiplying, with additions like compassion, culture and connectivity regularly making the cut. Encompassing the core values of 21st century learning, these C’s are fundamental in our understanding of changing pedagogy, and the role that technology plays. A powerful tool to drive…
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