Betsy DeVos, current nominee for Secretary of Education, recently gave a preview of her likely answers to education’s top issues in last week’s Senate confirmation hearing. The U.S. Supreme Court turned their focus on what is considered the most significant case on special education to reach the high court in nearly three decades. Read more about what’s happening in education policy and other major issues in K-12 and higher education below.

9 Things the Nominated Education Secretary Wants You to Know
Betsy DeVos, President-Elect Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, offers her insight and potential solutions to current challenges such as teachers’ wages, moving to a school voucher system, and technology. Read more

What Level of Education Do Public Schools Owe to Students with Disabilities?
In one of the biggest cases to address special education, The U.S. Supreme Court will be deciding if public schools legally owe students with disabilities more than they’re currently providing. Read more

5 Big Ideas in Education That Don’t Work
In an NPR interview, John Hattie (an education researcher and professor at the University of Melbourne) spoke about five common ideas in education policy that are in need of reexamination, including achievement standards, school choice, and testing. Read more

Navigating the Changing Landscape of K-12 Classrooms
Read about Yorkville Community School District 115 in Illinois, and their innovative approach to renovate and expand their high school building to address overcrowding. Their small classrooms, tight hallways, and dark library made it difficult to take advantage of technology. Read more

Growth in K-12 Student Diversity Impacts Postsecondary Education
In the next few years, the overall amount of high school graduates of color is expected to increase. With the rise in diversity, colleges and universities will need to focus on how to not only enroll minority students, but to ensure their success. Read more

Equipping People to Stay Ahead of Technological Change
Check out the special report from The Economist that dives into the practicalities of creating a culture of lifelong learning, to make sure people keep learning new skills throughout their career. However, lifelong learning that exists today mainly benefits high achievers and ultimately is more likely to exacerbate inequality rather than diminish it. Read more