Video and Mobile Learning: What the Research Says

Digital learning is getting a major boost – great news for education. A 2017 report from the Fosway Group, one of Europe’s top HR and learning analyzers, pointed out that there are fast-growing investments in digital learning platforms and content. Of the learning and development professionals surveyed, the biggest demands they are seeing in new technologies…
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Top 5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2017

In 2016, a number of technology trends took off and made a big impact in K-12 and higher education classrooms. Competency-based education and other types of blended learning created a fundamental shift in the learning model, data analytics helped educators learn how to better serve their students, and BYOD technology policies have grown to accommodate…
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This Week: Top Headlines in Education

For years, research on the relationship between spending and student learning was inconclusive. But now, a first-of-its-kind research study from the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that money does matter. Read more about their recent findings across 26 states and the rest of this week’s top headlines for K-12 and higher education. It Turns…
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