In the past week, a new report from Moody’s Investors Service anticipates a stable outlook for higher education over the next year. Tuition revenue is expected to increase on a modest scale amid a focus on affordability, and enrollment is expected to grow by an average 1.5 percent for 2017-18. Read more of Moody’s industry forecast and other top stories in K-12 and higher education below.

Moody’s: Growth Coming for the Higher Ed Sector in 2017

Their report predicts growth in tuition revenue and student enrollments for public and private universities, but some lingering issues threaten to drag on in higher ed. Article link

Final Rules for K-12 Standardized Testing Released

On Wednesday, the Obama administration released final rules to help states and school districts take a new approach to standardized tests, providing flexibility to “eliminate redundant testing and promote innovative assessments.” Article link

Experts Talk About the College Completion Push and What Comes Next

Inside Higher Ed spoke with 20 experts on how the conversation on college completion is changing, including upcoming challenges for community colleges and for-profits. Article link

Global Survey Finds Little Progress in Science Education

U.S. math scores are continuing to decline, according to a new report from the OECD. High school students in Singapore and Japan lead the rankings worldwide, and there is little evidence that higher spending on education is improving results. Article link

New Analysis Finds Two Measures Boost K-12 Academic Achievement

Duke and Northwestern University researchers conducted a survey, revealing two effective strategies that can boost overall student achievement: grouping students by ability and providing opportunities for students to progress at a more rapid pace. Article link

Online Learning Is Finding Its Feet After Stuttering Start

FutureLearn reveals a partnership with Australia’s Deakin University, marking the first time in history that a MOOC has offered several fully online degrees through its platform, starting early next year. Article link