Education apps are everywhere. They’re not difficult to find. What is difficult is finding an app that’s worth downloading. There’s simply no point in grabbing all the latest apps without a purpose in mind. Consider the one thing that most educators struggle with on a daily basis: finding resources. Teaching resources have a number of boxes to tick. Aligning to state standards, grade and reading level are but a few. Above all, they must be engaging. While some apps offer a quick search for engaging resources, few offer the dynamic library of standard-aligned resources like Fishtree. This chrome app offers an incredible lesson planning tool that’s fast, easy, and effective. Here’s what you can do:

#1. Find Resources

Find every resource you could possibly need with one simple search. Instead of having to hop from site to site, you can actually find content from all over the web, brought to one location for your convenience. Whether it’s articles, videos, or real-time media you’re after, it’s all there.

#2. Align to Grade and Reading Level

Searching the web for resources by yourself, it’s a time-consuming process to make sure everything you use is appropriate for your students. Through Fishtree’s intelligent system, it couldn’t be easier. All resources are automatically synced to suit your grade and reading level, so you can rest assured, it’s all relevant.

#3. Align to a Standard

Finding resources that align to standards such as the Common Core is one of the biggest challenges when searching for engaging material. With one simple search, Fishtree automatically aligns your resources to the standard that applies, within the context of your lesson.

#4. Create an Activity

Once your lesson is complete, you can then create an activity within seconds using the Fishtree templates, or even decide to go with an activity automatically generated by the system.

… It’s that simple!

Download the Fishtree app from the Chrome Web Store or sign up at and start saving up that precious free time!

About the author:


Lorna Keane is a teacher of French, English and ESL. She specializes in language teaching and has taught in second and third-level institutions in several countries. She holds a B.A in languages and cultural studies and an M.A in French literature, theory and visual culture. Follow her on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

Image credits: Johan Larsson / CC BY 2.0