“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” – Albert Einstein.

This somewhat magnanimous statement actually has some foundation in decades of research into education, most notably that of Benjamin Bloom. Bloom identified a significant level of performance improvement in students who were able to participate in individual (one-to-one) instruction. As reported in his seminal 1984 research, “The 2 Sigma Problem: The Search for Methods of Group Instruction as Effective as One-to-One Tutoring,” the improvements that come from students participating in a highly individualized program of study are superior to other methods of group instruction, including many of the more favored methods of instruction in use today.

However, the ability of most instructional programs to provide individualized attention to every student is constrained by the reality of scarce resources and time. As we move towards the 21st century learning environments, we must ask ourselves if it is possible to create a learning environment in which every teacher can reach every student at an individualized level, quickly and easily.

Learning in the 21st century

The concept of learning is changing rapidly. The advent of handheld digital technology makes it possible for students to learn from a worldwide library of sources. In addition to opening new opportunities, the rapid pace of change also makes it that much more challenging for teachers, parents, and administrators to ensure students are ready for 21st century college and careers.

The vision of Fishtree is built around the core value that every student learns in a different way and deserves the opportunity to have a personalized learning experience that is tailored to them. Fishtree was born with one mission in mind – to empower teachers and bring personalized instruction to every classroom. To achieve this, we must foster a community of learning amongst  students, teachers, parents, administrators and content. This is what we call ‘Learning Relationship Management’.

Whether working with students in the classroom, in flipped and blended learning environments, at home, or on mobile devices, Fishtree provides the tools that teachers, students, parents and administrators need to improve learning outcomes.

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