Mobile World Congress 2015: Combining Innovation for Better Education Solutions

On March 2nd, the annual Mobile World Congress is being held in Barcelona. The thrilling four-day event is set to welcome tech-thusiasts from all walks of life, showcasing and exploring “the edge of innovation.” “Connecting billions of people to the transformative power of the Internet and mobilising every device we use in our daily lives”,…
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Technology for the Sake of Technology: The Problem with SAMR

When it comes to technology integration in schools, many are looking to the SAMR model for guidance. The Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition model offers an insight into how technology can be integrated into the teaching process, following the steps outlined. However, many educators are now turning away from the model, highlighting its over-emphasis on replacing…
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A 7-Step Framework for K-12 Technology Integration

‘Technology integration’ is an exhausted term, frantically being passed around schools and districts as a high priority. While aware of its sense of urgency, the term has earned a reluctant reaction from many educators simply fed up of hearing it. While no school wants to get left behind, the added concern of disrupting the harmony…
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