One of my main priorities as a teacher is to make math meaningful and relevant to my students’ lives. I believe in fostering a school culture that strengthens 21st century learning skills, and empowers every child. Knowing that all students have their own unique needs, abilities and interests, I have been searching for a resource to incorporate mobile and personalized learning, as well as one to help me “flip” or “tilt” my class. Fishtree has been the perfect solution to help me accomplish this, as it allows me to provide everything needed for a lesson in one place. A teacher can create, present and share a lesson, distribute assessments, analyze class and individual data, help with correction and communicate with students… all within one resource.

Here are just a few of the benefits I have gained as a result of using Fishtree with my students:

1. Ideal solution for flipping the classroom.

This is a BIG time-saver. I don’t have to use another platform or find another way to share content with my students and once it’s incorporated in my lesson, students can access it at any time.

2. Maximizes class time for every learner.

Fishtree allows me to reach and accommodate every student academically at his/her own level. The resources are endless. Students can continue practice and enrichment as needed.

3. Eliminates paperwork.

When students complete assignments using Fishtree, the paper trail is eliminated. We no longer waste precious time together grading or turning in assignments. This time is better spent as the students collaborate with their peers, apply what they are learning and gain a deeper understanding of the content.

4. Teacher sets the learning goal for each activity.

I set each learning goal at 80 percent for my students. If anyone does not reach this goal, Fishtree generates additional, personalized resources to help students learn and understand the topic. When the student feels ready, he/she can retake the assignment/assessment.

5. At-home, mobile capabilities.

Students can practice and review content at home with instant feedback and extra practice options.

6. Built-in instant plan to move forward if learning goals are not met.

Because of the immediate response for students, the scary aspect of not meeting expectations is less. There is an immediate plan to fill the learning gaps and retake the assessment/assignment.

7. Bigger picture of student learning and effort.

Being able to see what students are doing from home, both in terms of reassessment and enrichment, gives me a clearer picture of my students, their interests, learning preferences and effort.

Using Fishtree has helped me to transform my class. It allows my students to be active learners and me to be the “Guide on the Side”. 

  • What my students say:
  • “I think that Fishtree is a great program because I get all the help that I need right away. I can go at my own pace and don’t have to worry about failing since Fishtree gives me all of the time and resources I need.” – Bella
  • “The reason I like Fishtree is because it allows you to customize your learning how you want it. Another reason Fishtree is good is because you can do it at home, at school, or anywhere you have an electronic device.” – Houston
  • “I like Fishtree because you can watch videos, play games, and you don’t even have to worry about grading in class because it’s done for you!” – Austin

P.S. Want to transform your classroom in the same way? Start teaching with the 21st century learning platform today… the ultimate solution for a personalized learning environment.

About the author:

During her 14 years as an educator, Stacey Ryan has taught 6th – 8th grade math in Andover, Kansas. She has been recognized as a State Finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching, Kansas Horizon Award recipient, Wichita Business Journal 40 Under 40 Honoree, Wichita Family Magazine Teacher Who Makes a Difference, and a Skype in the Classroom Master Teacher. Additionally, Stacey founded and currently coordinates a school-based mentoring program that connects students to community member mentors. Stacey wants students to develop skills to experience success, not only in her classroom, but in life. Follow her on Twitter @sryanalr.

Image credits: US Department of Education / CC BY 2.0