Digital Pioneers:
How a D-Rated District Led the Nation in OER Adoption

Personalized learning + OER tips that show how to:
  • check_box Increase Teacher Adoption
  • check_box Increase Parent Involvement
  • check_box Increase Student Success

Engage Learners. Enable Instructors. Empower Leaders.

Fishtree helps educators deliver a scalable, personalized learning experience to every student with the click of a button.

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Create lessons, courses and assessments using drag and drop authoring, rapid content discovery and a platform that automatically aligns to standards and outcomes.

Easy to use

Build lessons and courses in one place with the click of a button. Fishtree requires no training to get started and seamlessly integrates with any LMS or SIS.


Enrich learning and improve student success with access to millions of low-cost, high-quality OER and community-generated resources.

Real-time Analytics

Instantly gain visibility and data-driven insights into knowledge gaps and content efficacy at the learner, classroom and institutional level.

Student Voice and Choice

Empower students and increase engagement by building on prior knowledge and interests using social and personalized learning technology.

Create the perfect lesson, courses and assessments

Drag and Drop Authoring

Streamline your publishing workflow with complete drag and drop editing tools designed for scale.

  • Create lessons, courseware and assessments from the ground up, existing content or course templates.
  • Amplify active learning with tools that empower students as they drive their own experience.
Work Smarter and Reinforce Learning

Advance Academic Achievement

Advance Academic Achievement

Meet learning needs with automated alignment, content discovery and adaptive learning.

  • Instantly personalize high-quality OER resources to any learner profile using Fishtree's adaptive recommendation engine.
  • Source high-quality materials from millions of licensed, OER and community-generated resources.

Measure Student Success

Help students learn more effectively and identify knowledge gaps with robust assessments and analytics.

  • Increase retention with analytics that enable instant decision-making, intervention and support.
  • Build assessments using more than 55 technology-enhanced items or use existing items.
Measure Student Success

Effortless Personalization and Scale

Effortless Personalization and Scale

Cultivate student-centered learning environments that serve the distinct needs of every student.

  • Simplify instruction with advanced authoring, curation, alignment, assessment and real-time feedback tools.
  • Accelerate implementation with a platform that requires no training and integrates with any LMS or SIS.
  • Enable students to work at their own pace with true adaptive learning technology.

Designed to take learning to the next level

Fishtree is the easiest way to cultivate personalized learning at scale.