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How a D-Rated District Led the Nation in OER Adoption

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Fishtree is the fastest way to quickly create standards aligned lessons. Easily add-in open educational resources with our smart recommendations.

Really simple lesson planning

Really simple lesson planning.

Use advanced authoring to create lessons and assessments in minutes. Build from scratch or remix existing content.

Curate and Align OER in Real-time

Curate and Align OER in Real-time

Instantly curate OER and community-generated resources aligned to any standards or learner profile with one click.

Accelerated Decision-Making and Support

Accelerated Decision-Making & Support

Provide feedback to students and make data-driven decisions in real-time using powerful analytics.

Simplify personalized learning.
Get faster results.

Sometimes it seems there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done and to do it right. Fishtree gives you more time to do what you do best, creating amazing learning experiences.

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“The Buzz”

Dr. Philip Hickman

“Fishtree provides my teachers real insight into what curriculum is working and what isn’t for our students. It’s like our personal GPS system. It automatically adapts content to the needs of every student and helps them stay on the right path if they take a wrong turn in their learning.”
Dr. Philip Hickman, Superintendent at Columbus Municipal School District
Learn how CMSD increased graduation rates by 20% using Fishtree. Download the case study.

“By using Fishtree in my math class, I have found the ideal solution to achieve my goals of implementing blended learning and a personalized experience for every student. Students are now achieving and learning content at a higher level.”
Stacy Ryan, Math Teacher
Hear from Stacey about her success with Fishtree Watch the video.

Dr. Philip Hickman

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